Welcome to Onyxx Communications LLC

Welcome to Onyxx Communications LLC

Welcome to Onyxx Communications LLCWelcome to Onyxx Communications LLCWelcome to Onyxx Communications LLC

In today’s digital world, the human touch matters more than ever. Enrich experiences with real-time video interaction.

About Us

content development, distribution and presentation


Digital Content and Training Services

Onyxx  can effectively create compelling digital content, assist with distribution of the finished content and design and engineer effective presentation environments and systems. We have many years of experience and a professional team of AV design engineers and technicians, writers, producers, directors, videographers and editors ready to support your projects.

Onyxx strives to improve communications within an organization and with the outside world equaling more responsive service.  This responsiveness empowers organizations to provide faster more accurate service without increasing staffing.  Better collaboration equals innovation and faster problem solving.  The more easily people can share thoughts and insights, the more likely they will innovate.  We have succeeded when we assist an organization in bringing people together that promotes innovation and creative problem-solving.  

Improving business communication means understanding the trends driving profitability and growth. One of the biggest drivers is a more virtual, distributed, mobile workforce that is global.  



Managed Digital Signage

 From increased recall and retention rates to boosted revenue, here are five digital signage benefits that can help your business.

  • Increased Recall and Retention Rate with your sales specials
  • Boost in-store revenues using your displays as marketing tools
  • Low-Cost with all inclusive (equipment, installation and service monthly fee
  • Easily Deployable to unlimited sites
  • Get rid of printed materials, which are costly and slows down your special messaging
  • Your displays are connected digitally to our network.  You can quickly change content (graphics and video)
  • What Can It Do for Your Business?  CALL OR EMAIL US!


Video Collaboration Solutions

 Video Conferencing Benefits

  • Reduced Travel Time and Costs. The oldest recognized benefit of video conferencing is reduced travel time and expenses
  • Optimized Attendance
  • Structured Meetings with Improved Communications
  • Increased Productivity
  • Employee Retention
  • Sustained Competitive Advantage


Video Production Services

Increase engagement, build trust and provide value with high-quality video production content.  Onyxx enjoys remote production and storytelling.


Virtual Conference Planning

In the past, hosting major conferences was a luxury typically affordable to only large corporations and businesses with deep pockets. Today, organizations of all sizes are empowered by the Web and the reduction in production costs to host their own conferences.  Onyxx can help you create, manage and measure your conference...Virtually!

We can help you showcase speeches and discussions with industry leaders and decision-makers. Your conference attendees can connect and network with thought leaders via a virtual, interactive environment. With just a few clicks, attendees could meet thought leaders, collaborate with peers, and download information – all from the comfort of their office or home.  This can include your exhibit hall, where companies will have “booths” that attendees can stop by.   If interested, we can facilitate your attendees booking time with the exhibit company representatives.


unmanned aerial services (uas)

Additional Information

Unmanned Aerial Services (UAS) lidar and photogrammetry imaging applications are increasing rapidly. This is not surprising as using GPS enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for aerial surveying is very cost effective in comparison to hiring an aircraft with photogrammetry equipment.

UAS lidar involves mounting a laser scanner on a UAV to measure the height of points in the landscape below the UAV.  Lidar actually means (Light Detection And Ranging).   Lidar scanners can capture hundreds of square kilometers in a single day.  By measuring 10 to 80 points per square meter, a very detailed digital model of a landscape can be created.  The accuracy of the measurements, allow the 3D models created using the lidar drone to be used in planning, design and decision making processes across various sectors.

Lidar sensors can also pierce dense canopy and vegetation, making it possible to capture bare earth structure which satellites cannot see, as well as ground cover in enough detail to allow vegetation categorization and change monitoring.

Because UAVs are relatively inexpensive, organizations will have their own UAV fleet, allowing for rapid surveys over large land areas and infrastructure projects where required.   Our visual communications experts can work closely with an organization to capture footage, ingest into a drone mapping system and return accurate data for simulation purposes.

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We have several examples to show you upon request.  These include interior and exterior locations.  


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